It all starts with a cup of tea...

Tea Bag Doodles

Inspired by Austin Kleon’s tea bag doodles, this activity is closely linked to the Rorschach inkblot test. In a similar way, two people might see something completely different in the same shapes and colours made by a tea bag stain. Music also shares this trait of course. Although each #teabagscore started out with a dried tea bag stain on A4 paper placed on the piano music stand, the resulting piece is entirely subjective and each listener will probably imagine something wildly different.

Each tea bag stain was then sculpted in CG software creating 3D models of the 2D tea bag stains. It was at this point, after the music was written, that what I saw emerging during the 3D sculpting took me on an unbelievable adventure. Shapes I first thought were clouds, went on to become cute animals, outlines of tea splashes became small planets and even peoples faces began to emerge complete with eyes, mouths, heads and even hair!

There will be live-streamed music videos of each track, starting with 'Tea Bag 14' on March 29th - Piano Day.

Want to get involved? Watch this space for details…

Stay safe, and drink tea (responsibly!).