It all starts with a cup of tea...

The Splash of Creativity

Back in March 2020, I experienced my first ever creative block. Here’s how I navigated myself out of the situation, resulting in my debut piano solo album.

I ordered Austin Kleon’s trilogy of books – ‘Steal Like An Artist’ with accompanying Journal, ‘Show Your Work’ and ‘Keep Going’. Not sure why, I just did. Every phrase he wrote, in every book, resonated with me. Devouring them during the uncertainty of the early days of the pandemic added a certain meaning to the experience.

Next I turned to Tim Ferris’s ‘Tools of Titans’, where he interviews successful people to explore what makes them a success and if there are any similarities or common traits between them. One startling fact he mentioned led me to the final book that eventually unblocked my creative blockage. A large percentage of the people he interviewed had at some point followed Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way’, not only once, but in some cases, twice.

During the latter weeks of following ‘The Artist’s Way’ course I began my #TeaBagScores journey. With thanks to Kleon, Ferris and Cameron, my debut piano solo album was born.